Past Projects

Below are a small fraction of the projects we and our finders have been involved with.


Originally two houses, our finder spotted the opportunity for planning permission for these ten apartments. This project achieved a profit of just under £300,000 from gaining planning permission alone, within 6 months. This netted the finder a payment close to £90,000.


Our finder spotted a house with a double garage to the side, and after we approached a neighbour, we secured enough land to apply for planning permission for 5 houses. This planning permission rapidly achieved a six figure profit and the gardens were never even purchased, as an Option Contract was used (we explain these in depth). The finder received a 25% share of the profit.


Initially advertised as a house requiring modernisation, our finder spotted the planning permission opportunity for these four townhouses instead. Profit was just under £100,000, after 5 months, netting the finder a payment over £20,000.